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Thanks so much EmeraldCurrent, Survivor163 & RealFablePony for the recent art! :heart:
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Prism Note
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am a brony who is really curious and fascinated about the show 'My Little Pony'.Although, I also have an interest towards Pokemon and Furry. Been an artist for few years and tend to get lazy at times.


Commission Status: Open

If you like my work,
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Anthro progress is on hold... for a long time.

Reason is... hands... freaking hands. That's the hard part that I have to see how to draw the anatomy right... ~.~

So for this day on, I'll be drawing a normal ones for a while and brony/pegasister up everypony!

Brohoof! /)
Anthro pony in progress.

A reaaaaally slow progress cuz laziness kicking in.
Farm Fun
Applebloom sees more that what she could chew and let her curiosity gets the better of her. The young apple will soon learn what 'the birds and the bees' would do from the adults.

This is a cropped version and the full version is in the link below and anyone under the age of 18, don't look at it.

(Warning: NSFW Content)

Full Version:
Neon Flare
My final fanart for the one and only, Neon Flare or Lare for short in DA and Twitter. Hope you like it. :D

She seem soooo peaceful when she 'snooze'. xD

Neon Flare ('Lare) by: :iconnoah-x3:
From what I can understand in this episode and from the previous seasons, Pinkie can make friends with everypony she meets but can't seem to understand others feelings like Maud when she finds a place to stay in the episode, Rock Solid Friendship. Since Pinkie has been growing up with her family so she knows Maud a little better than anypony cuz you know the obvious. What she CAN'T understand is personal space or letting them do what they want to do. Being BSFF with Maud, she pride herself for being the expert on knowing things everypony don't due to her randomness and being Pinkie. Now there's Starlight Glimmer, a reformed villain since the end of season 5, learning about friendship under Princess Twilight's teachings and her own experience to things she can understand and so far, she has learn many things at the start of season 7. Starlight understand other ponies' feeling and has way better decision than Twilight, even if she messes up on how to make Pharynx change in the Changeling Hive, and can make friends better than Pinkie do. She understand Maud by looking at her personality, behavior and feelings that made the stoic mare to nearly choose Ponyville BEFORE Pinkie interrupts the moment by making it worse in personal space.

Now there is this episode, The Maud Couple. Mudbriar is a really interesting individual in his own ways and is the first pony that can annoy Pinkie to no end due to his 'technical' views on things. From what I experience through this, Pinkie just can't understand other stoic ponies that is not Maud and has been around rocks for a long time that she views other inanimate object for a pet is plain wrong or its just things. Starlight understand what Pinkie's rude view about Mudbriar as awkward, quiet and strange as that is also Maud but the hyperactive mare is in denial. This episode is like the Mane Six meeting Maud for the first time and Pinkie never sense the Deja vu on this since this will be the first time she will meet another stoic pony in the show. Pride can hurt and that leads things to jumping in conclusion so quickly. So far, Starlight seems to be a good candidate in making friends with others.

This is my own opinion and experience to all this so you are free to ignore what is being said. Haha, hope you like this journal entry. Prism Note out.



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